Preventive and corrective maintenance of electricity in houses, communities, garages and industrial buildings

The industrial maintenance plan offered by the DAGOTEC gets:

  • Control the state of the industrial machines
  • Detect equipment anomalies
  • Anticipate machine breakdowns
  • Preventive repair Planning
  • Perform the repair with less time and less cost

The DAGOTEC service offers companies an industrial maintenance based on the analysis of the needs of each machine. After explaining our customer methodology in the maintenance contract, we follow the following steps:

  • Create a tab for each machine in our computer system
  • Start of industrial maintenance work, according to the need of each machine
  • Entry to our computer system of the maintenance tasks carried out and incidents of the machinery
  • Programming and coordination with the client of the next interventions according to the maintenance plan
  • Periodic delivery of detailed reports of the costs, type of breakdown, causes, hours of shutdown, etc.